DOT puts EV transformation of state fleet into high gear

July 19, 2021 - The State Department of Transportation takes the lead in transforming its fleet of gas guzzlers into electric vehicles.         

Instead of waiting until 2035, when all state departments will be required to have electric light duty vehicles, there are already dozens of EVs in the DOT's fleet of more than 350 cars. 

But this change comes at a cost.

Mechanics work to keep state owned vehicles running for as long as they can. But costs go up as the cars age.

In the past, after purchasing each vehicle, the state would pay for monthly maintenance.  The average vehicle costs $38,200, which comes out to $3,820 annually over 10 years. Average maintenance costs are another $2,760 a year. So the state pays $6,580 annually for each vehicle.

Now the Department of Transportation is taking its fleet in a different direction, by going electric.
"We got 43 Teslas on this initial offering. The best price we received from the vendor was for the Model Y," said DOT Deputy Director Ed Sniffen.

Under a new system, DOT won't own its vehicles or have to pay maintenance, but it will cost them more.
"Those vehicles, if we look at 4,800 miles driven annually, it is going to cost us just under $7,000 per vehicle per year," added Sniffen.

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He says the vehicles are not luxury ones for DOT staff, but instead will be work vehicles for inspectors and technicians. While the department will save in other areas.  "There is a definite fuel cost we are getting savings on. There is also replacement costs that we are getting savings on, and there is CO2 emissions that we are getting savings on," said Sniffen.