Lawmakers Missed Opportunities To Encourage Electronic Vehicles

This story appeared in Civil Beat on Friday, June 1, 2018

Several bills would have improved the network of charging stations around the islands, but they were ultimately rejected.

Imagine if every man, woman and child on Molokai owned an electric vehicle. We use this purely hypothetical scenario to illustrate the approximately 7,000 EVs that are registered on Hawaii’s roads statewide.

According to state statistics, local EV sales have increased more than 26 percent over the last year. With more makes and models offered in electric and plug-in hybrid options, it’s clear the electrification of ground transportation momentum is growing in the islands.

Vs are no longer a novelty, but rather a glimpse into the global transition away from gasoline-powered engines. And with our limited miles of roadway, consistent weather and fluctuating gas prices, the 50th state is the ideal place for EVs to flourish.

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