Letters: Help electric vehicles to help the environment; Hawaii is not getting decent COVID-relief deal; Outgoing mayor leaving us with long-term debt

December 31, 2020 - "The decision to raise taxes on electrical vehicles to offset the loss of state gasoline taxes is both wrong-headed and ultimately destructive. Citizens who continue to buy internal combustion engine vehicles are both knowingly and unknowingly contributing to global warming and sea-level rise, which will eventually make hundreds of thousands of square miles of coastline uninhabitable and the loss of millions in property.

It will also help damage, if not eventually destroy, one of the state’s most valuable resources: our beautiful beaches, responsible for so much tourism to our state.

Raise gasoline taxes if you must and stop punishing those wishing to protect the environment, the future of our state and the planet as a whole. Additionally, people who own plug-in hybrids must still purchase gasoline, which amounts to double jeopardy."

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IMAGE FROM: kauaiev.org