State vehicles must go electric by 2035

May 17, 2021 - By the end of 2035, all light-duty vehicles in the State’s fleets must be zero-emissions vehicles, according to a bill passed this year by the state Legislature.

State Rep. Nicole Lowen, chair of the Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection, wrote Bill 552 in order to help meet the state’s goals to decarbonize its economy. She represents the Westside of Hawai‘i Island.

“We must look beyond just our electric utilities and start focusing on the transportation sector,” Lowen said. “The benefits of this bill include reducing emissions that cause climate change, saving money for the state, reducing reliance on imports, and reducing local air pollution. I also believe that the state leading by example is an important part of getting the private sector to embrace this transition.”

“I’m pleased that we passed HB552, that sets the goal of converting our state vehicle fleet to electric vehicles by 2035,” said state Rep. Nadine Nakamura, who represents portions of east Kaua‘i and the North Shore. “As we all know, ground transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gases. Our state government has to lead the fight against climate change, and this is one strategy to help us get there.”

State Rep. Dee Morikawa, whose district includes Ni‘ihau, the Westside and portions of the South Shore, said it is a very ambitious move to clean ground transportation.

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