Why Electric Vehicles?

The answer is easy.

Driving an electric vehicle benefits your budget and our environment.

Congratulations on your interest in purchasing your very own electric vehicle (EV)! Driving an EV is very cool in many ways. First, you’ll be behind the wheel of the newest and latest in automotive technology. Your driving experience will be as smooth and silent as it is fun and stylish. Many personal and financial incentives come with driving an EV. You’ll be part of a growing Ohana of 12,000+ EV owners statewide helping Hawaii reach its clean energy goals and reduce emissions in our air. Everything you need to know about driving and charging an EV in Hawaii is on this website along with links to other informative resources.

Now’s a Great Time to go EV in Hawaii


EVs are evolving in looks, reliability and driving experience as a growing list of automakers introduce new plug-in electric models with improved style, better batteries and increased range.

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Charging through a plug is what makes electric driving a unique experience. You can charge your EV at home and at a growing number of charging stations in locations where you spend time – from shopping centers and restaurants to movie theatres and even parks. Many people will soon be able to charge while parked at work. To find EV stations in the area, download the PlugShare App

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Hawaii EV drivers enjoy incentives that make EV ownership easier on the budget, including federal tax credits for both full battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. If you choose the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ time-of-use rates and charge your vehicle during the day, you may even see a lower monthly electric bill.

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Electric Vehicles and the Environment

You may be asking how clean an EV can be if it is charged from an electric grid that depends on fossil fuel generation. It’s a good question. 

Research shows that even when electricity is generated from coal, an EV drives cleaner than a gasoline or diesel vehicle. As Hawaii increases its renewable energy generation – which averages 30 percent statewide as of 2019 – the electricity you take from the grid is more renewable and clean. If you are able to charge your vehicle using electricity from your own rooftop solar system, your energy use is even cleaner. As the state heads toward 70 percent renewables for its electricity needs by 2040 and 100 percent by 2045, your EV will be increasingly renewable as well. 

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Perks and Tax Credits for EV Owners

Biki loves the two EV Smart cars donated to us by HEI. Booking about 30 miles each day to check on Biki Bikes and Biki Stops, their compact size makes them perfect for navigating Honolulu’s tight streets in an eco-friendly way.

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Lori McCarney, Executive Director, Bikeshare Hawaii 30 miles a day